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3 Steps to a Pinterest-Worthy Ponytail

After 3

It’s not always easy looking effortless. Martha Lynn Kale here and I fully admit that the hardest looks to create are the ones that look like you just tossed them up on the way out the door. Clients beg me all the time for tips on how to make their ponytail look more polished and less post-gym. (If you are actually creating this look after the gym you will likely need a little Dry Shampoo so that your hair is fresh before you start.) Keep scrolling for a few tips to take your ponytail from puny to perfect in a few easy steps.

Blow it out
If you are going on day 2 here, chances are your hair is already prepped or maybe even curled from the day before. We blew out Sara’s hair using Blowout using a round brush so that it would have some gentle curls and volume in it. In the crown make sure you are over directing the hair so that it has maximum volume and make sure your round brush isn’t too big.


Tease at the crown
There actually is a proper way to tease the hair to minimize damage and maximize the results.  Start with your comb with the teeth facing the ceiling and as you bring the comb down the section of hair toward the head turn it so that it ends parallel to the head.  Repeat this a few times on each section (but be careful not to overdo it). This will create a pillow of hair versus a wall of teased damaged hair.


I like to spray a little Flex into the hair that I’ve teased just to hold it into place.

Don’t be afraid to tease a little on each side just under the fringe (or bangs) section of the hair. This will create balance in the style and keep you from having too much volume in the crown and flat throughout the front.


Pull it back
Okay, here’s where you need to be patient—this may take some practice.  The goal is to gently gather your hair so you don’t flatten all the prep work you have done. Wrap the ponytail holder around twice and then adjust or loosen where you need to, then wrap it the final time to tighten it down.

Pull It Back - 1

When you tighten it, grab your hair from the bottom at the base of the ponytail and that will tighten it up and maintain the volume at the top.

Pull It Back - 2

Finish it off with some Flex to keep the curls in place but keep it touchable with movement.

Pull It Back - 3

If you need to, you can use the tail end of a comb to pull out any areas that need fluffing!  This look works in a low ponytail or high ponytail and you could easily finish it off with a loose bun to make it a more formal look.

After 4

After 2


What do you think?  I’d love to know if this is something you think you’d try in the comments below and don’t forget to tag @LivingProofInc in those selfies!

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All photos by Melissa Glynn

  • Judith Sutton-Fagan

    I hate teasing but you have to to get a balanced look. I will try it. How do you get the bun after you have a low ponytail? Judes

    • Living Proof

      Hi Judith- for a bun, you would simply wrap the hair around the elastic and secure with a few bobby pins. Then spray with Flex for additional hold.

  • LUZ2

    I just read this and I will try it today, as soon as I get off the shower. I’ve been trying to achieve this ponytail look for a long time, but always look flat. Thanks !

    • Living Proof

      Awesome! Let us know how it works out 🙂

      • LUZ2

        I tried it. It didn’t come up as polished as the one in the picture, but still good. I looked coiffed. Not just a pulled ponytail. Thanks.

        • Living Proof

          So glad it worked. And remember, practice makes perfect, so if you don’t get it 100% the first time, it’s ok 🙂