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5 Split End Myths…Busted


We’ve all read about the crazy methods (hair burning?!) and at-home treatments people use to get rid of split ends. It’s safe to say that under no circumstances should you light your hair on fire, but there’s still a lot of confusion around split ends—how you get them and how you get rid of them.  Don’t worry, we spoke with our own Yingxia Wang and got the scoop for you:

Myth: Only people with damaged hair get split ends.
Fact: Anyone can get ’em. They come from daily wear and tear (like brushing and styling) but you don’t have to have “damaged” hair to see a split. And actually, if your hair strands are round (which is typical for Asians), you are a lot less likely to get them.

Myth: Haircuts prevent split ends.
Fact: A haircut may help remove existing splits, but it can’t prevent them from happening again.

Myth: At home treatments (like avocado and coconut oil) can get rid of split ends.
Fact: Maybe for a few minutes. Slathering these foods on your hair will help condition them, but that’s about it. Plus, who wants to deal with the mess? Save it for your salad.

Myth: Picking off split ends can help.
Fact: Step away from the split end. This makes your split ends even worse because you’re actually weakening the hair. Just say no!

Myth: Burning off your split ends is a great way to maintain length.
Fact: This Brazilian treatment is not scientifically proven and is very dangerous. No, no, and no.

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