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Tutorial: How to Fake Really Full Hair

Martha Lynn Kale Full Hair Tutorial 1

Martha Lynn Kale here and I believe that a big, voluminous blowout is not just for debutantes and country music stars. It should be modern, touchable, and last all day. I love helping my clients realize how attainable full, bouncy hair can be.  The trick is in the blow out—it sets you up for fullness that last. You can’t just mindlessly blast your hair dry and expect it to multiply before your very eyes. You need every hair on your head working together like little good hair soldiers to achieve the kind of volume that we all dream about. Keep reading for my tried and true full hair fake out tips and you’ll be swinging that hair before you know it.

Martha Lynn Kale - Full Hair Tutorial

Prep the hair.
As I mentioned, your fuller look begins with your blow out.  I like to use with Full Thickening Mousse. It will help your hair feel thicker—almost like there’s more of it. Start with a golf ball size and rub it in your hands until it liquifies.  Then gently comb it through your damp hair with your fingers to evenly distribute.  Once you have worked it through your hair use a comb or brush to make sure it’s in there evenly.

Martha Lynn Kale Full Hair Tutorial 4

Martha Lynn Kale Full Hair Tutorial 7

The blowout.
Start power drying your hair by using your fingers to lift it off your head—this starts building volume.  You can even flip upside down and let gravity work for you.  Once your hair is about 75% dry, section your hair into 3 big sections and spray Flex on each section. It’s a working hairspray (meaning you can use it on damp and dry hair) and will help your blowout have a little grip and structure.

Martha Lynn Kale Full Hair Tutorial 5

Over direct.
Grab a round brush that isn’t too big. I use this one all the time!  This is key because if your round brush is too big it will just smooth and your hair won’t have a chance to create that curl at the scalp which will ultimately result in the volume.  When you use your round brush you want to over direct it so as you roll your hair back down on it the brush is sitting right on top of your head and isn’t pulling the hair flat.  Additionally, if you have a cool shot on your dryer cool the section down BEFORE you release the hair from the brush which will set the curl into place for that va-va-voom volume. Set it with Flex and you are done. Or…

Martha Lynn Kale Full Hair Tutorial 9

…or curl it.
If you are looking for a more curled look you can just grab large sections of hair and wrap them around a 1 inch curling iron for some waves!

Martha Lynn Kale Full Hair Tutorial 2

What do you think?  I’d love to know if this is something you think you’d try in the comments below and don’t forget to tag @LivingProofInc in those selfies!

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All photos by Kate Stafford

  • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

    All that product will not work at all in my fine, thin hair. Which is why I need volume! Hello, is there anything out there that’ll work???

    • Living Proof

      We hear you—the struggle is real. Have you tried our Full products before? They work really differently than other volumizing products. They’re about thickening and creating space between your hair fibers (so you feel like you have more hair). We’d be happy to talk you through the right products for your hair type! Give us a shout: questions@livingproof.com.

      • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

        Made me look like I hadn’t washed my hair in days. Yuck.

      • Tracy Slonecker Frazier

        I use the Full Dry Volume Blast and it is the best product I have used in a LONG time. My hair has always been very thick, but as I creep into my 50’s, not so much so on top any more. I struggle constantly with visible scalp where my hair parts. Full Dry Volume Blast really helps me out. Just be sure to follow the directions and do not overcoat the hair. Any negative comments I have seen, I feel, from my experience with the product, are due to too much product on the hair. Short, quick bursts work best!

        • Living Proof

          Hi Tracy! So glad you’re loving Full Dry Volume Blast and thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Shyrl Anderson

      Try Topicks from Sally’s. U send it and live it. It’s a hair Fattener.

    • Living Proof

      Have you tried our Full Dry Volume Blast yet? It’s great for fine hair: http://www.livingproof.com/buy/full-dry-volume-blast

  • lillyluv’s

    I have the opposite problem. My hair is sooo thick. I never see articles on how to depuff thick hair. I mean it gets really bad some days. Hair looks so big I don’t know if I’m gonna make it through the door!

    • Shyrl Anderson

      I wished I had your problem. My hair is thin and straight as a board and flat! I really have to work hard to have “big”hair!!