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Gym to Work Hair, No Washing Required

It’s January and that means for most of us it’s time to get back to the gym. Martha Lynn Kale here and I fully admit that the daunting task of getting ready after a workout is one of my excuses for skipping a sweat session. But ever since Living Proof came out with a Dry Shampoo that soaks up sweat and actually cleans your hair I have no excuse. (Don’t believe me? Watch this.) So I asked my friends at Austin barre studio MOD fitness to let me crash their beautiful studio so, with instructor Hollie to demo, I could share a few tips on how to help your hair survive your workout (no post-gym shower required).

Living Proof and Martha Lynn Kale - Step 1

STEP ONE:  Dry Shampoo first
This is important! If you will use a little Dry Shampoo BEFORE you start your workout you will allow it to start working the minute any sweat forms in your hair. I recommend spraying it in section by section and then don’t touch it. Resist wanting to “work it in” just allow it to sit on your scalp and start working while you do the work in the gym.


STEP TWO:  Loosely put it up
Once you get the Dry Shampoo in, you need to put your hair up. Most people tend to want to put their hair up in a tight pony tail but the looser you can get your hair out of your way the less likely you will end your workout with a bunch of dents in your hair. Try a low or high loose bun or even just a low ponytail using a “no dent” hair tie.  The girls at MOD swear by these!  I personally like the high bun because it keeps my curls intact.

Living Proof and Martha Lynn Kale - Step 2B

STEP THREE:  Finish it off
After your workout, take your bun or ponytail out and massage in the dry shampoo that you originally prepped your hair with. If you need a little more you can add it here but make sure you give it 30 seconds or so to do it’s magic and then massage in and brush it through. I like to flip upside down and do a quick blow dry with a paddle brush if you have access to a blow dryer (most gyms do).  This just blends in the dry shampoo and smooths out anything.

Living Proof and Martha Lynn Kale - Step 3A

These tips assume you are NOT going to be washing your hair post workout. If you absolutely insist on putting your head under a shower then try just rinsing and skipping the shampoo. I have sworn by this for years and if you just rinse off the sweat and use a tiny bit of conditioner on the ends you should be good to go!

Living Proof and Martha Lynn Kale - Step 3B

Ta-da!  You are ready to get back to your life.  This is also a great way to prep your hair before bed so you can get ready super fast in the morning.  At night I like adding a little Night Cap to my ends as well.

What do you think?  I’d love to know what your post-workout primp regime is in the comments below — and don’t forget to tag @LivingProofInc in those selfies.

All photos by Melissa Glynn

  • Anonymous

    Love these tips and tricks. I constantly worry about gym hair! Thank you!

  • Kristi Davis

    Great! I also want to know how she created that top bun.

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  • Polly H.

    Any tips for people with short hair or chin length hair?

    • Living Proof

      Yep! If your hair is too short to put up, pull it off your face with a sweat wicking headband (we like the ones at Athleta). And if it’s long enough you can pull half of it back so its off your face.